Sunday, November 30, 2014


What the hell? Where have you been? 

It's been a cold winter, since around the beginning of November... I've been out there lighting up some fire to keep warm as I've been thinking about this: 

A fat, white man, calling out for prostitutes, riding a flying sleigh pulled by drunken deer. Don't you think, without getting to political, that this is exactly what America's foreign policy and role in the world are like?

I've been a "simpsons" hater for as far as I can remember, and ironically —contradictorily if you will— I love Futurama. I think it may be the sci-fi, time travel related theme of it. From that show I remember a mechanic santa character from hell whose job was to terrify everyone during christmas with heavy weaponry to ensure some sincere embracing in the face of death. Well, it looks like all these poor brown countries are getting what they asked for —some prosperity in the form of so-called low intensity wars, a fairly considerable intensity war fueled by drug prohibition rhetoric, land grabs by big corporations with the help of drug cartels, student witch-hunts, kidnappings, killings. Like I said, someone's been lighting up the fire to push us closer to our loved ones... in fear.

Peter Gabriel dedicated one of his communist songs to the students in Mexico. It's a song I particularly like —you know, memories and shit— called Biko.

Anyways, I never allow all of that shit to bring me down during oh holy christmas. Which is why I keep downloading tv shows and shit to keep distracted from all that horror, which is not really touching me yet in my comfy Bourgeoisie-in-denial life, but something tells me it may soon.

These are some images from the tv show "Hannibal" about a nutty psychiatrist who eats people and fucks with the minds of his patients, including cops and feds. Good show.