Sunday, September 7, 2014

Does it make sense now?

I've had people tell me that Christmasuptheass makes no sense. That it's too exaggerated an idea.  I've had to explain that stores get so hungry for sucker consumerists that they begin pushing Christmas a bit too early, and it seems to be getting earlier every year. But I guess those people's brains have already been picked up and swallowed by time traveling Santas from other planets and they can't even tell anymore. Shit, yeah. Maybe aliens are a good scape goat. 

Anyways, here's an image taken at "Liverpool," a famous Mexican department store (kinda like macys). Date? Grab your crotch: September 7, 2014.

Come on. Tell me I'm exaggerating, or maybe we are just getting ready for the 2013 Xmas a bit too late?

I don't care what you think. I posted it here: I am ready for the following Christmas since the 26th of December. Just love it that much.

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